Assistant Regional Grand Masters

W.Bro. Alok Kumar Srivastava | M:9415211286

W.Bro. Dr. Asim Das | M:9436102714

W.Bro. Dr. Abir Chakraborty | M:9431191725

V.W.Bro. Bapu Malla | M:9830022985

W.Bro. Anil Ghosh | M:9830591674

W.Bro. Abhijit Chatterjee | M:9433821562

W.Bro.Dr. Sree Vardhan Pathak | M:9450436001

W.Bro. Jacob Lais | M:9864035073

W.Bro. Rahul Vashist | M:9831530182

W.Bro. Indu Chatrath | M:9831048516

W.Bro. Dr. Mahendra Harbola | M:9415212775

W.Bro. Abhijit Malakar | M:9432256736

Allocation of Lodges to Assistant Regional Grand Masters